Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide an authentic Christian witness by: demonstrating the compassion of Christ through medical work; establishing and strengthening the local church through participation in spiritual ministry to patients and in outreach to local communities; educating and training Christian professionals for the medical ministry (hospital and nursing school) and to facilitate the training of leaders for the local church.


Karanda Mission Hospital was established in 1961 to meet the needs of mission stations in the Zambezi River valley which were established as churches and then, as the abundant health care challenges were seen, small dispensaries/clinics were developed along with churches and finally schools. To help the clinics, the hospital was built. Karanda is in a remote area of Northern Zimbabwe nearest to Mount Darwin. Its location is approximately 124 miles from Harare, the Capital of Zimbabwe.

The mission complex has a 3 year nurse training school for around 55 students, a 1 year midwifery program, and a primary school offering grades 1-7 for children of the hospital staff. The hospital also offers a Home Based care program that ministers to the needs of widows, orphans and those with HIV. It works with the Evangelical church, a non-denominational church, very similar in doctrine to the Evangelical Free church in the United States.  Karanda has have 5 chaplains who help to meet the spiritual needs of the patients through daily ward devotions, evangelization, and counseling for grief when a patient dies or for end of life issues for those with terminal diseases. Karanda takes the evangelistic mission very seriously.

The hospital is licensed for 150 beds and on an average work day performs between 15-30 surgeries and sees 200-300 outpatients. The facility is known for the large number of surgical cases it handles as well as treating HIV/AIDS, TB, obstetrics, and hydrocephalus.  Karanda performs over 4,000 surgical cases annually and has two full time surgeons (a General surgeon and an OBGYN), and a little help from some visitors. In addition to the two surgeons, Karanda also has a Physician’s assistant and a General practitioner . During parts of the year Karanda also has 2 interns from the University of Zimbabwe and medical volunteers from overseas. The patient population is drawn from the entire country as people seek affordable, reliable, compassionate healthcare.


  • 130 Bed Hospital
  • 55 Nursing Students
  • 3,500-4,000 surgeries annually (major and minor)
  • 2,000 deliveries annually
  • 200-300 outpatients daily