As the AIDS epidemic took hold in Zimbabwe, it soon became clear that many patients would be better served by being cared for in their home and this would make better use of hospital resources. We also saw an opportunity to minister to these patients and their families in their homes. This was the birth of the Home Based Care Program.

As the epidemic deepened more and more orphans needed care. Today Zimbabwe has one of the highest orphan rates in the world. Karanda seeks to help these orphans and also widows of AIDS patients with providing school fees, clothing, seed and fertilizer and at times, food products to the families caring for these individuals. We monitor each family to be sure the support is going to the intended recipients and that school aged orphans are attending school. Today we care for up to 400 orphans and widows.

Karanda Hospital provides milking goats to vulnerable people so they can obtain milk from the goats and breed them to allow for the continuation of the program beyond the life of each individual goat. This is the Goat Project.

Many men do not have means to provide for their families. We provide temporary work when possible to these individuals with our Food For Work program.

In times of national drought and starvation, Karanda has been involved in Feeding Programs–Famine Relief.

With the help of the Nursing School, the hospital has outreach ministries to the community, teaching healthcare and hygiene and at times, having opportunities to share the Gospel. The hospital is involved in local communities, schools, and other rural clinics with its immunization program.