A 7 Year Old Care Taker

By December 21, 2014Stories

Rufaro, a 7 year old girl, was given the responsibility of taking care of her 3 year old sister. It was an important job and she took it seriously. She walked around the village carefully carrying her little sister on her back.  Sometime during the day she came upon a heap of white ashes where the fire had burned itself out.  She didn’t know that ashes can stay really hot for a long time so she decided to walk into them and send up clouds of ashes into the air.  The tragedy was that these ashes were still really hot and she was burned so badly that she dropped her sister who was really badly burned (so much so that she died). Rufaro was brought to the hospital with severe (third degree burns) of her legs. She is still in hospital where she has lived for two months having to undergo lots of bandage changes and at least 3 surgeries. But what has hurt her the most is the feeling that she caused her sister to die. She has cried herself to sleep numerous times, has not wanted to eat and has been very depressed.

Today, while still not completely better, Rufaro is a happy, smiling little girl. The missionaries have prayed for her and given her lots of loving attention. We have prayed that she will forgive herself. nwoysl . domaine chandon brut classic God knows and everyone else does, that she did not mean to hurt her sister.  Our God is a loving God who knows our hearts and our needs. Trust him with all your hurts and doubts and He will allow you to live a joyous life; He will take away the pain in your heart and make you whole again.