The Witch Doctor

By December 21, 2014Stories

Just outside the western gate of Karanda stretches a mile long airstrip, which used to serve as a landing strip for the plane that carried the Karanda Mission Hospital doctor to clinics located along the great Zambezi River. Today various people have their homes alongside this airstrip and for almost 20 years a witch doctor has plied her trade here. Those that sought out her help would receive multiple little scratch marks in their skin and the doctor at Karanda could always tell who had been to see the witch doctor and also where the problem lay by looking for these marks. We, at Karanda would shake our heads at how people could hope that a tumor would go away simply by being scratched, or how a bowel obstruction would be relieved. the cloud . Often because of their belief in the Witch Doctor people would come to the hospital too late for medical help and would needlessly die because they trusted in a lie.

Today the Witch Doctor still lives there although she is no longer a witch. She gave her heart to the Lord Jesus Christ and now attends church at Karanda every Sunday. best place to buy domain names . She even came to Karanda to have surgery herself.  God can change lives and he has miraculously changed the live of this lady who had given her heart to Satan. Jesus took it back and transformed a life.